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Fine Wine-Aging Barrels

Certified process of barrel production, from one of the world's largest houses!

Since 1921, when it was created, Dargaud & Jaegle vigorously defended the idea that aging in oak barrels should be done with utmost respect for the fruit, the soil and the winery’s artistry. Cutting-edge technology, constant evolution and the attachment to traditional techniques by Dargaud & Jaegle, reinforce this ideal!



Dargaud & Jaegle has created barrels for the world's largest wineries! Extensive processes in wood selection, combined with the house's commitment to traditional techniques, make Dargaud & Jaegle barrels the exact definition of beauty and elegance. The unique traditional water-bending process applied by Dargaud & Jaegle conducts heat from burning oak deep inside the wood, thus creating a delicate and sophisticated spiciness that can’t be found in any other barrel.

An image of Dargaud & Jaegle barrels
An image of the traditional Dargaud & Jaegle technique in barrels production


Dargaud & Jaeglé certifications guarantee the following:

  • The oak used is of French origin.
  • All wood lots are traceable.
  • The staves are traditionally split.
  • The staves are naturally air-dried.
  • All our coopers are highly qualified craftsmen.
  • Barrel volume and dimension standards are respected.
  • The internal and external surfaces meet quality standards.
  • Production procedures are put into place to guarantee the barrels’ overall quality and coopering tradition.

The wood suppliers are certified PEFC, which guarantees sourcing from sustainable forests and traceability of the oak.

Being sensitive to environmental issues, Dargaud & Jaegle has established its carbon footprint in order to find ways to help lower its ecological impact.