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High Durable Technical Cork Stoppers

High performance, endurance and economy!

With the sole purpose of fully meeting all current market requirements, T&C Margo has invested in agglomerated cork stoppers being produced under the most up-to-date technologies. The Result? Durable and robust technical stoppers, in various diameters and dimensions, and for a wide range of needs.

The ECO cork series includes the following caps:

  • ECO


The ECO series is the new generation of cork stoppers. ECO is a technical cap that is obtained by atomic casting, by individual moulding, using 0.5 to 3 mm granulates. The result of the process is a more homogeneous stopper, which ensures proper and uniform behavior at the level of mechanical performance, especially in terms of elasticity, compressibility and adaptability.

The strict and high quality control during their production, ensures excellent performance within the bottle. With concentrations of trichloroanisole (2,4,6 TCA) below 0,2 ng / L (significantly lower than the threshold of 0,4 ng / L in which the TCA smell can be detected in white wine), the ECO and ECO PLUS stoppers are a guaranteed choice for effectively sealing a very wide variety of wines.

An image of ECO technical corks
An image of ECO technical cork closures


Produced entirely in agglomerated cork and using individual or complete agglomeration, ECO technical closures maintain uniform appearance and come in different diameters, sizes and grain sizes, depending on the requirements. The ECO series provides an economical yet reliable solution for early consumption wines.