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ProCork Technology

ProCork is the only cork stopper worldwide that absolutely achieves near 0% chance of cork taint and undesirable smells, from any source!

  • Optimal Oxygenation Process
  • Elimination of the Risk of Contamination with TCA
  • Maximum Profile Flavors
  • Minimum Heterogeneity between Bottles


ProCork is a membrane technology based on 5 layers of high-density inert polymers. This five-layer skin is applied to the top ends of the traditional cork, providing optimum control over the micro-aeration of grape and oak tannins while blocking bitter cork lignins and taints.

ProCork membrane is an absolute hygienic protection to the wine. since it strictly conforms to EU and FDA food contact regulations.

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Natural cork has been the default choice used for long aging and premium wine bottling.

The most important thing about natural cork, that man has failed to replicate to perfection, is the air contained in the microcells of the cork. ProCork technology has the effect of significantly slowing the initial release (after bottling) of up to 16.6 ml of the microcellular air into the wine, extending the natural period of the first 2 – 10 weeks into years with an ever decreasing rate of aeration as the air in the microcells depletes.

Wines sealed under ProCork gain significant benefits. Tannins integrate better and fruit character and balance is optimally retained!


T&C Margo - Exclusive Representative of ProCork Technology

T&C Margo is an exclusive representative of the ProCork Technology in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Georgia, Lebanon and Israel.

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