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Top Quality Natural Cork Stoppers

Adaptability, elasticity and compressibility. Oh, and let's not forget prestige!

Those are the basic features of PIEDADE natural cork stoppers that ensure excellent wine preservation and are also perceived by a number of consumers as a sign of high quality!




Grupo Piedade, has always blended tradition with development to offer a full range of its sealing products. Natural cork stoppers provide features such as leak integrity, stability and elasticity, which guarantee excellent sealing conditions of the bottle for long periods of time. Adopting cutting-edge technologies in the production process, the NATURAL series provides the customer a wide range of closures in different dimensions and surface treatments.

An image of the NATURAL cork series
An image of the BIO cork series



The BIO series offers natural cork stoppers, produced from materials originated in organic farming. This new biological line of corks has come to fulfill the modern market demands for both customers and consumers. The creation of the specific range of cork stoppers has been implemented by Grupo Piedade, based on pioneer research, which is carried out through the application of specific washing and surface treatment processes.